Marketing Effectiveness Assessment

Welcome to the Marketing Effectiveness Assessment. For each of the 15 questions below, select one of the three multiple choice options. If you are not sure about how to answer, take your best educated guess. The summary page will score your assessment and provide you with an effectiveness rating.

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Does management recognize the importance of designing the company to serve the needs and wants of chosen markets?

Does management develop different offerings and marketing plans for different segments of the market?

Does management take a whole marketing system view (suppliers, channels, competitors, customers, environment)
in planning its business?

Is there high-level marketing integration and control of the major marketing functions?

Does marketing management work well with management in research, manufacturing, purchasing, physical distribution, and finance?

How well-organized is the new product/service development process?

When were the latest marketing research studies of customers, buying influences, channels, and competitors conducted?

How well does management know the sales potential and profitability of different market segments, customers, territories, products, and channels?

What effort is expended to measure the cost effectiveness of different marketing expenditures?

What is the extent of formal marketing planning?

What is the quality of the current marketing strategy?

What is the extent of contingency thinking and planning?

How well is the marketing thinking at the top communicated and implemented down the line?

Is management doing an effective job with the marketing resources?

Does management show a good capacity to react quickly and effectively to on-the-spot developments?

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